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Rental guarantee
Tired of your rental guarantee just sitting in a bank account?

Xelidoni redefines the concept, turning your deposit into a productive asset. With our AI-assisted inspections and blockchain-managed agreements, your deposit release is fair and data-driven. Plus, imagine your security deposit earning a 4% return.

With Xelidoni, your money is secure and appreciating. It's a new era of financial freedom for tenants and peace of mind for property owners. Join the revolution!

Join Xelidoni, where every transaction is transparent, every decision is fair, and your money works for you.
3D Property Inspections
Imagine moving into a new apartment. The first thing you'd do is inspect it, right?

Now, imagine a tool doing this for you, but a hundred times more accurately andfaster. That's Xelidoni. Our 3D Inspection App scans theentire apartment as you move in, and again when you move out, capturing everydetail. It then communicates with a smart brain - our AI - which spots anydamage effortlessly.

And here's the magic: this information goes straight to a smart contract, which then decides about the release of your rent deposit. It's simple, fair, and transparent, ensuring a smooth transition for both tenants and landlords.
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Finding the right tenant or the perfect home can be a headache. Not with Xelidoni. Our AI analyzes hundreds of factors to find you the perfect match. It's like having a personal real estate agent 24/7. And the best part? Everything is transparent and secure thanks to blockchain. Don't leave your next home or tenant to chance and trust Xelidoni.
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